Monday, October 6, 2008

Two happy little customers...

I'm starting to realize that pics of the kids wearing their 'BCD' attire are waaaay cuter than the pics I've already posted of the finished product hanging up in the 'studio' - but that would mean I couldn't have 'show and tell' immediately and I just wouldn't be able to handle that! I think the follow up pics work well anyway hee hee!

Here is Anna in her Halloween skirt at MacQueen's and Tressel in his man-smock (aka apron) at home! Thanks Inga and Cathy for sharing these!


Marty and Nicole Plus 1 said...

I love the "show and tell" pictures! If you want a picture of Lily wearing her cupcake shirt you made her- feel free to take one off my blog! You make the best stuff Elle!

BabyCakeDesigns said...

Thanks, Nicole! I'd love to put a pic of Lily in her shirt - it's so fun to go back and see what I've made over the past few weeks!

Lily's 1 yr pics are adorable!