Friday, October 17, 2008

New Product Development

I was doing a little online research last night and stumbled across a really cool idea for a 'reverse' applique. I've been planning on making Ethan an Ohio State shirt (I've barely made the poor guy anything since business has picked up) and this seemed like the perfect design for this technique. I need to master the process but basically instead of applying the fabric to the front of the shirt, you apply it behind and then cut the shirt away to show the fabric through! When it is washed, the cut fabric rolls and has kind of a vintage-y, worn in look. He'll definitely be sporting this tomorrow for game day!


chaupt said...

Very cute, Elle!

Moore Family said...

Ummmmm LOVE IT!

The Helfmans said...

Uh, whatever OSU! Go Spartans! ;-)