Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brown Bear: Take 2!

The 'original' brown bear dress (see below) has caused quite the buzz! I love all the comments and discussion about it - it really makes my job alot of fun!!!

Lily's mom, Nicole was so excited about the dress, in fact, that she ran out and bought this darling fabric and delivered it to me in I think, less than 24 hours! LOL! I like the way you work, Nicole! I wanted to return the favor and get it done just as quickly for her but unfortuntely I was a day or three or four longer than that! Sounds like it is already a hit with Lily and I can't wait to see pictures of her wearing this sweet little number!


Marty and Nicole Plus 1 said...

I LOVE the dress Elle! I'll have to take some pictures of her in it and send it to you! Thanks again!

The Helfmans said...

Those dressed are adorable! Make one for me!!!!! :) I'd be a hit at the playgroups, lol!

BabyCakeDesigns said...

That'd be a good look for you Kristal! ;)!