Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Birthday Princess 2

Sweet Brooke is also having a princess themed birthday this year which gave us all a great chance to work together ;) I made an 'Anna' style twirl skirt out of fabrics her mom picked out at Hobby Lobby and a coordinating princess applique tee. So cute! Happy Birthday, big girl!


Corie said...

i am a friend of kelli s. my girls are both having birthdays in february. i was wondering of you could make 2 matching sets like brookes for their bday. they are AWESOME!!! i checked out your etsy account and didnt see anything but have seen what you have done for brooke and lindsey, great work!!!

BabyCakeDesigns said...

Thanks Corie - so glad you like them! Can you give me your email address or email me at We can work out all of the details from there!


ps. I let my etsy listings expire b/c I've been so busy doing customs!