Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cuties

I finished up this set of tiered knot dresses for the adorable Duran girls. They are the CUTEST (and the dresses aren't bad either!)! We couldn't leave baby Jamie (the baby doll) out of the festivities and made a pint-sized dress for her too! Love it!

The beautiful (and perfect!) bows are from Kelly at Ellie's Essentials and really complete the look! Merry Christmas, Duran family!


Tim and Kelli said...

Those are great! I had a hard time trying to find dresses for the girls this year. Should have thought about you, duh.
Love the color combinations.

KatieS. said...

I love those elle! Got any extras :)

The Helfmans said...

Well, this needs to stop. Too cute! Lol!