Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Rush

The week before I headed out of town for Christmas 'vacation' was a whirlwind. Here are two of the projects that kept me busy (among the last minute shopping, wrapping, packing, and so on ;):

An adorable Christmas tiered knot dress (finished in record time, I might add ;) using fabrics from Hancock fabrics.

Type-set appliqued tees for a darling brother and sister pair.

Happy Holidays to all!


chaupt said...

Adorable! I am in love with all of the Christmas clothes you've done this year! Any V-day fabrics out there yet??

Tina said...

too Cute Elle!!! We still need tiered knots...Maybe for Easter? I think I have V-day covered already. lol

The Helfmans said...

Do you think there's enough fabric in the world to make a knot dress for me?!?! Lol! They look so comfy! Maybe after baby ;-)