Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last friday I hosted our monthly Bunco group. After the holiday rush in the shop, I was feeling a little bored (I know, it's crazy) so I decided somewhat at the last minute to make the bunco prizes. I ended up pairing each homemade item with something store bought (or a gift card, etc) and was so excited with how they turned out! Here they are:

The top prize for the player with most wins: a 1/2 apron and a gift card to the Fresh Market:

The second highest prize for the player with the 2nd most wins: a heating pad/neck warmer and a Vera Bradley candle:

The prize for the most buncos: a fabric covered notepad and a Starbucks gift card:
The prize for the last bunco: a plastic grocery bag holder and a silicone kitchen utensils:
And finally... the prize for the Most Losses: A zipper pouch, Burt's Bees chapstick and a pack of tissues to dry your tears ;)

I had SUCH a great time (probably too good, actually!) and am so lucky to have made so many wonderful friends here in T-town who have made life as a resident's wife much more bearable. Love ya all!


Moore Family said...

Had a FABULOUS time at Bunco! I think everyone <3's your Bunco more than anyone else's!! I know I really look forward to Bunco with you....maybe it's b/c you have a kegerator?!

Jen said...

Bunco was a blast-even if I didn't win a homemade prize-which I REALLY wanted(and I even tried to cheat to win;) and the food was freakin' delish.

So glad you and Nate decided on Toledo to do the residency-we are lucky to have you:)

The Helfmans said...

Yay! I actually won and on a night with AWESOME prizes! The only thing is I'm afraid to wear mine and get it dirty, it's so pretty! LOL! Happy to have you (and your craftyness;-) here in T-town!

mommy2jacob&logan said...

Great prizes Elle! You are so crafty!!!

kphilli said...

Oh I wish I was part of your bunco group! j/k LOL-- maybe i can sub when you are hosting. :) You are great Elle!

I am happy you are here in T- town too. :)

Michelle Gasiorski said...

We <3 you too, Elle! Glad I won one of your crafty masterpieces. :)