Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My greatest weakness

Back in college, when I was preparing to interview for my professional job, I did a lot of mock interviews (I know, I'm a big dork to actually do these but that's nothing new). I came across a question that stumped me: 'What is your greatest weakness'. Obviously you don't want to tell your prospective employer that you prefer to work only 4 days a week or have a horrible temper so I was looking for the 'correct' HR answer. I asked around and came up with "I tend to be a perfectionist" which is a tricky way of making a weakness sound like strength. Well... tonight I proved to myself that being a perfectionist IS indeed a weakness and in this case, cost me a few days work.

I've been working on a new layout and font for my big brother tees. Instead of going with my instinct (and the fabric I quoted), I thought I had a better option. When I got the applique cut out, I didn't like the print on the tee so I went back out to the fabric shop to pick up a different print. I found another print and I loved how it coordinated, but as I appliqued it on to the shirt, I convinced myself that the words weren't legible. Finally, three days later and another trip to the fabric store I got it right! Here are the iterations of this design:

The first option, cute print but not enough contrast against the blue:
Second, the print was too big and busy and the letters blended into one another:

The final option (which ironically was originally the first option) Maybe there is another lesson in all this....
At any rate, Matteo, I think you'll be a fabulous big brother and I'm glad that my obsessiveness didn't prevent you from getting your shirt in time for the big day!

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