Friday, August 13, 2010

More Bow Tees Featuring Ellie's Essentials Bows

I just finished up another shipment of bow tees for the Birds and the Bees Shop in Maumee. Thanks to one super artistic client, I now have a giraffe and cat bow tee to add to the collection! Kristal designed (and picked out all of the shirts and fabrics) these appliques and I was so thrilled with how they turned out, I asked her if I could add them to my 'collection'. She picked 2 of Ellie's Essentials bows to go with each shirt, one to wear in the hair and one to wear on the shirt - too cute!
I have to say... I am still in love with the owl. Here is the latest in long sleeves that went to the shop:

Tally for this week: 11 bow tees, 1 custom order applique tee, and 1 tiered Elena style dress in a carebear print (that I forgot to take a picture of!) Whew!


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This is the owl that I want for B's shirt :) thanks again