Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Product Launch: Maxi Sundress

Thanks to the imagination of my clients, I've ventured into another new area: ladies wear! Kristal asked if I could make her a casual sundress that could go from the beach to dinner with just the addition of a few accessories. I think her request was somewhat fueled by frustration for my lack of 'cute boy things' in the shop - but either way, I was excited to get to work on it. Kristal picked out these Anna Marie Horner coordinates from the website of a great little quilt shop in Columbus I got to work.! I think it turned out fantastic!
My favorite part of the story is a couple days after the dress was finished and delivered, I got an email from Kristal's husband telling me how much they both loved the dress and how beautiful he thought K looked in it (awww!). He wondered if I could make another one in time for her birthday at the end of July. We collaborated on the fabrics, I got to work and we were able to pull off a great birthday surprise with this dress:
Happy Birthday again, K! I think you look great in these!


Jen said...

Awesome sundress, Elle!

It looks amazing on Kristal.

Kristal and Todd said...

Thank you so much!!!! Your talents have no limits!

Tina said...

Aww!!! Kristal you look great in those dresses & they are soo cute, Elle!!! :0) Love them!!!