Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knit dresses!

While we were at my in-laws for the Fourth of July weekend, I found myself with some extra time on my hands while the girls were napping. I found a great tutorial here for making a knit dress using the top portion of a tee for the bodice and sleeves! I was so excited because the idea of working with knit on an already difficult area of a dress for me (the sleeves) was keeping me from getting started. I ran out to the fabric store with my niece, got my mother in law's sewing machine out of storage and whipped these funky dresses up for my girls the next day!

The tees were from Babies R Us and already had the cute knit flowers on them! Perfect!


Scribbles and Splatters said...

They look awesome on your two cutie pies! I've been waiting for you to do some knit dresses :)

P.S. The girls are having a Mud Hens b-day party and I am wondering you can make them b-day shirts... I have no idea yet about the style or design (I'll most likely pair it with their baseball skirts you made)

Amanda and Chris said...

Super cute! Nice work!