Sunday, September 13, 2009

BabyCakeDesigns welcomes our newest model, Zoe!

Isn't Zoe just a doll?! And thanks to her parents, my dear friends Laura and John, she is going to grow up to be quite the sports fan!
Laura called me a week before the Ohio State season started, worried that Zoe might outgrow her original white block O onesie mid-season! No problem! I whipped up this scarlet colored reverse applique onesie in a bigger size. I hand dyed the onesie on my stovetop to create the vibrant color and was pleasantly surprised when the thread didn't take the dye! All the stitching is visible which gives it a really cool and unique look!

John is a huge Washington Redskins fan too so I found a retro redskins logo and appliqued it on the onesie with Redskins fabric from JoAnn. Cute!

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chaupt said...

Nice work! And she's a cutie!