Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our little patient

Earlier this week, our little Ethan had minor surgery at St. Vs. The night before the surgery it dawned on me that I should have something special for the little man for enduring this whole thing. Sure I had stocked the freezer with popsicles, rented all of his favorite Disney movies and bought his favorite treats but I wanted to give him something out of the ordinary. So at midnight (technically the day of his surgery ;) I trekked off to the only store near us that is open: Wal-mart. I perused the toy aisle and the movie section but nothing popped out at me. As I was leaving, a bolt of Toy Story fleece caught my eye.. perfect! I picked up a coordinating green solid for the reverse side and this Disney Cars fabric for a pillowcase (yes, I realize they don't match but I wanted to make sure I covered his two favorite movies). Instead of doing the no-sew tie method on the fleece, I sewed them right sided together, turned it right side out and ran a 1" border around the outside which gave it a great finished look. He loves them and I was really happy to have them for him in the recovery room.

Here he is reading his 'magerzine' in the waiting room before surgery.