Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's going to work?... Teamwork!

Now, stop humming the Wonder Pets theme song in your head... I have an announcement! I'm absolutely THRILLED to be teaming up with Kelly Neceski at Ellie's Essentials to pair her custom hair bows and headbands with my custom creations.

She made a custom bow to match my 'birdcage' knot dress and it absolutely blew me away! I love her attention to detail and the high quality of work she produces (click on the picture to enlarge and get a better view of the bow and super cute crochet cap).

Here are a couple more outstanding examples of her work: A fall themed bow to match what is now known as the 'Anna' skirt and a super cute cupcake bow to match the first birthday tee I made a few days ago. Love them!
You can see Kelly's work in her etsy shop at or follow her blog at or better yet, schedule a bow party with her and your closest friends and see both of our stuff in person!


Anonymous said...

So cute! You two are a great team. (Silently cursing you for making that song stick in my head...)

Scribbles and Splatters said...

I'm excited that you teamed up with Kelly! My bow and sew lady working together :)
Now I think I'm off to the store to buy some cute Christmas fabric. I think some matching dresses and bows are in order for the girls.

Amanda and Chris said...

Super adorable!