Friday, October 16, 2009

I need a craft intervention

Ok, I admit it, I have a all started on the day I decided that it would be reasonable to make a plaid shirt for Ethan's woody costume.

A few weeks ago, while babysitting my niece Kate in Columbus, we ventured out to Once Upon A Child. I skimmed the Halloween costume aisle, not thinking I really needed to make a decision yet. I ran into a Woody from Toy Story costume and before I could get a closer look, Ethan yelled "I want to be Woody for Halloween!" What?! We've been talking about Handy Manny for months so I didn't think anything of this exclamation. When I looked at the costume it looked so cheaply made and it had a huge chocolate stain down the front of it, so we left without the costume.

When we got back home from our week there, Ethan was telling everyone that he is going to be Woody for Halloween. Finally I called my mom and asked her to go back and buy it for me and ship it up here. She called back and said it wasn't there anymore. Oh no! I searched high and low around Toledo and came up with nothing. I even contemplated paying full price at the Disney store but since the costume didn't come with all of the accessories, I decided against that too. So, as my mom said (probably jokingly), I got to sewing.

Even if we purchased a costume, I planned on Ethan wearing his own jeans because they would be warmer and more comfortable. So, I justified to myself that I really only had to figure out the vest and the yellow plaid shirt. I went to JoAnn to buy cow print fleece only to find that they don't carry it. I picked up a cow print cotton and brown felt to back it with - no problem. On to the shirt. I could not find a toddler yellow plaid shirt anywhere! I decided that if he didn't have the authentic Woody print, he would just look like a regular cowboy... so I figured I could iron on strips of felt onto a regular yellow tee and make a plaid shirt. And that is just what I did!

I then found a foam sheriff's hat at the dollar store and embellished it with brown lacing and a felt brim. The only things left to finish the costume is to do a blanket stitch around the vest, make a belt buckle and cowboy boot covers. So without further it is:

I hope he wears this darn thing! I'll post a picture of him in it when it is complete!


chaupt said...

It looks great Elle! He will be so cute in that costume. Can't wait to see a pic!

Tim and Kelli said...

Great job! He will be the best dressed Woody.

Miss Allyson said...

that is really cute, awesome job!!